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Pro Class Info & Rules

Pro class :  1/8 mile as long as the racers support us. 1/8 mile for Team practice
for Indy.

Weekly event:  (9.60-13.99 ET 1/4 mile No delay box permitted)
(6.00-8.99 ET 1/8 mile)
Winner:                  $800.00
Runner up              $400.00
Semi                      $100.00
Quarters                $  75.00
Entry fee: $45.00
Buy Backs $25.00
Round Money starts with 3 rd round losers; pays until quarters.
Minimum car count is 45; with 50 cars Winner $1000

Summit series guidelines for PRO ET: (1/84mile )
1.  Computer:  Prohibited unless stock OEM equipment.  See general
regulations 9:1.
2.  Data Recorders:  Prohibited.  See general regulations 9:2 & 9:9.
3.  Delay Boxes:  Prohibited.
4.  Transbrake:  Permitted.
5.  Line lock:  Four-wheel line lock permitted.
6.  Automated Shifter:  Permitted.
7.  Throttle Control:  Throttle must be maunually operated by the drivers.  Electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics or any other device may in no way affect the throttle operation.  A deadstop under the carburetor or gas pedal is permitted.  Throttle timers, counters prohibited.
8.  Ignition:  Stutter boxes prohibited.  Starting line and or 'high side' rev limiters permitted.  Two steps, rev limiters or any other rpm limiting devices, legal unto themselves but altered or installed so as to function as a down-track rpm controller, prohibited.
9.  Swithces & Buttons:  All switches and/or buttons must be standard mechanical connection type.  Infrared lasers, retinal scan, fingerprint, light source or other non-mechanical type switch prohibited.
10.  Tow Vehicles:  Prohibited.

Use NHRA rulebook as a guidline.


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